photos, paints, pencils, words, and my Indiana

Holiday planning is in full effect this morning, but not in a traditional sense. No, I’ve already snapped up bargain flights, planned out car rental packages, found accommodations. That typical sort of holiday arranging has been done and dusted for a month. Today?
I’m planning via flickr.

I’m finding flickr groups, pools, sets, and tags that relate to where I’m from in Indiana – and also where I lived in Wisconsin – to give me ideas on things to visit. Flickr is a fantastic visual tour guide, provided people geo-tag or label their photos accurately. Though I spent the first eighteen years of my life in Wayne County Indiana (and spent the last half of that time waiting to leave it) it is thanks to people on flickr that I am reminiscing and looking forward to what I’ll see (and document) when I get there. I also have a fiction project that taps into certain places I used to know. The opportunity for research will be so valuable.

It’s an interesting feeling knowing that I’m going back to the places I once knew so well, this time, as a tourist- this time, armed with cameras, art stuff, and Moleskine notebooks.

I think I may finally be ready to appreciate the place where I grew up. I can’t wait to share it with Neil.

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