girl power: long hair for the day

I’ve been going through my wardrobe to thin out its contents. I’m doing pretty well: I’ve got a stack of clothes to go and three pairs of shoes that are (wait for it) getting the boot. Har har har… I couldn’t resist that one.
Anyway, I also found my box-o-hair. I’ve always liked cheap fake hair bits, clips, and pony tail things to play with and so when I uncovered my stash today I couldn’t resist a bit of dress up.
Here’s me with some very long hair:

It’s funny, I had a coffee date with a friend from work this afternoon and as I walked down to meet her I noticed I got looked at more than usual. I was even blown a kiss by a passing guy on a bicycle! It’s totally the fake hair, but I’ll take the esteem boost anyway. 😉

You can have a look at my flickr page for a few more shots of the temporary hairdo, including one where I pay tribute to both Victoria Beckham and The League of Gentlemen in a single photo.

And now it’s time for me to put the Rapunzels to rest. More playtime another day…

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