when to stop kicking that horse

My last post announced a project I’m working on- the quirky illustrated book of poetry aimed at the young and young at heart (to sound clich?© about it). This means I need access to a scanner. We have a lovely all-in-one machine stationed in Neil’s office but it’s inconvenient for me to use. We have two single-purpose flatbed UMAX scanners that have been collecting dust on a shelf in the water heater cupboard. How to resurrect one of them…

I’m a smart cookie when it comes to getting shit to talk to other shit. I go into a rabid hyper-focus for driver/cables/device/network issues. Most of the time I can make the seemingly impossible work, and sometimes I dig around in the opensource community to get these things done. I spent the better part of this evening getting the compiled installers downloaded and installed and the scanners spluttering along, teasing me with potential. Then I installed VueScan-¬†which is a commercial application with a long and positive track record for coaxing the zombie scanners of yesteryear into modern workstation compliance. Fortunately, Neil had purchased a professional license years ago and no longer used it. VueScan just works. I don’t have to worry about SANE or TWAIN or backend packages that are nearly impossible to track down. That’s the only thing about opensource that can drive me crazy- the scavenger hunt that some projects require to get what you need working.

Sometimes, the cost of chasing your tail and wasting your hours is better spent on a commercial application. At least in this case, we managed to dig out the license on an old archive on an unused computer. Now it’s just a shame I can’t get those couple of hours back…

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