in love all over again

I shall not pretend that this miraculous connection between our computers is only cerebrally enhancing- oh, no no no! Tonight I rediscovered The Hampster [sic] Dance.
BUT, proving there are more stars to the sky, I now have an additional instrument of torture:
Rainbow Dividers. Make sure you refresh your page for the FULL, HORRIBLE EFFECT.

It’s not the communication, the education, the ‘information superhighway’ of it all that I confess to loving the internet for tonight- it’s the hypnotic power of animated gifs and really, really annoying music. Hits me kind of like that Kylie Minogue song* from a few years ago. I think I’m still damaged from that one.

*“Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, which by the way, is even more awesome if you leave the Hampster [sic] window open at the same time… practice getting them synced.
Now I have to go put my head in the oven and
play with sharp things.

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4 thoughts on “in love all over again”

  1. As soon as I got the tweet that linkied to this blog (so even before I opened it) my brain started playing that Robin Hood excerpt at high speed.

    I’m just glad this PC doesn’t have speakers connected, because – just visually – that rainbowdividers thing is HORRIBLE. Makes me want to spend the evening looking at ytmnd.

    Thanks for that.. I was looking for an excuse not to do anything productive πŸ˜‰

  2. Happy to lower productivity and create ocular bleeding, guys. πŸ™‚

    (I think this is the fastest anyone has ever commented on a post! lol)

  3. My browser crashed on the hammy site and wouldn’t let me leave until I cleaned out all the cages.

    Think you got problems….

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