just before his heart explodes

I wander down to the home office at the end of the hall…

J – ‘So, with the new machine, how much coffee to water do you usually use?’

N – ‘Two scoops for five cups.’

I try to make imperceptible my expression of panic.

J – ‘OK.’

I pause and then calmly pad down to the kitchen, careful to not break into a run.

Moments later, Neil slips into the kitchen. Spots me spooning soaked coffee grounds out of the top of the machine. The machine continues to gurgle through its demanding task.

N – ‘How much did you put in?’

I giggle.

J – ‘One to one.’

N – ‘Oh, that’s fine. Just add more water.’

J – ‘I was already making twelve cups…’ *

*Additional funny bit: being unfamiliar with the new coffee maker, I was unaware that I had it set to ‘slow filter’ which makes this stuff double strength. I could sell my coffee on street corners…

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7 thoughts on “just before his heart explodes”

  1. I don’t see any problem with your coffee making Jen, in fact that’s just as I like it. Strong, black, sweet and complete with health warning, anything less is for wimps.

  2. @Drew (I’m used to checking Akismet for you now. 😉 ) – the coffee maker we have is really cool. Programmable and has that slo-mo feature. It is essentially this machine, though ours is called the Russell Hobbs Caffe Torino. Dead ringer for the one in the link though.

  3. @GD – Warning: This coffee contains a preternatural level of caffeine. Should not be consumed on an empty stomach, by those predisposed to nervousness, or persons without loud music within arm’s reach.

  4. J: He’s such a prima donna
    J: I agree
    J: Maybe he drinks to much coffee
    J: I agree
    N: Can I call him soduko boy?
    J: He thinks he’s clever
    J: …..!

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