still smoking into the afternoon

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The neighbour had a ‘controlled’ fire in his garden last night. This morning (and even now at just past 11 AM) the two-foot tall pile of ash is still smoking.
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Gardenfire Morning

You can see the perfectly darkened rectangular patch of ground where he was burning god-knows-what, and it’s HUGE for the containing space. If it were only leaves, it would’ve burned down into nothing, but there is still a massive pile of smouldering ash. What was he burning? Should I confront him? I’m not sure what to say and I’m not sure that going to him will make any difference since I overheard him conspiring in the summer to have someone illegally chop down the protected tree in the garden behind his… If he’s willing to do that, he must feel he’s got every right to put the surrounding gardens and block of flats in danger with his bonfire…

Maybe I’ll have a chat with the other residents. I don’t normally care about what others choose to do, but this just makes me feel unsafe.

UPDATE: Spoke with the head resident and she is furious with the guy. Hooray! Now the really mind-blowing bit:
Evidently this is the third time he’s done this. He won’t listen and – get this – it’s his company’s paperwork he’s burning. Reams of paperwork that he has told the head resident is “too expensive to shred.”
Evidently there’s to be a management meeting and this topic gets top-billing.

In the meantime, I’m sending my photos off to my landlady (who will be at the management meeting).

So let me get this straight- he won’t pay for shredding his documents and disposing of them properly, but he’ll put the neighbourhood in fire danger. Mmm. Neato. Twat.

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5 thoughts on “still smoking into the afternoon”

  1. Can’t you report him to the police? All things considered, perhaps report him anonymously, for safety’s sake. Or just innocently call the fire department about the ” smoldering fire” in the backyard.

  2. You posted a comment just as I was updating the post… I do want to report him, but I’m trusting the flat management committee to handle this.

    If he decides to burn again and nothing seems to change, damn straight I’m phoning the authorities.

  3. Perhaps you could call the fire department and ask about the possibility of toxicity from the smoke that continues. They’d have to come take a look which hopefully would lead to a fine for the idiot.

  4. You could possibly report him to Environmental Health as well. I would!

    ‘too expensive to shread’..What a load of crap! Not as expensive as the fine he will probably get.

  5. Contact your council or parish council as well. Speak to the head clerk and ask them for relevant departments to contact regarding the disposal of rubbish and the creation of bonfires at your residence.

    Nothing says legal better than a Council memo which defines what is and is not allowed to be burnt in your back garden and if your even allowed a bonfire.

    Just me two cents, not a lawyer . yadda yadda yadda.

    I hope you get a great result to this.


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