feeling pretty knitterly

I never thought I’d ever be capable of knitting anything. Something about the need to control two pointy sticks and a wad of yarn really seemed beyond my coordination level. But behold! Here’s proof that I can at least knit a scarf.
Two of them, in fact. 😀

(The pink and black one looks a bit brighter in the photo than it really is- I didn’t light the room with anything but my desk lamp when I took this.)

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3 thoughts on “feeling pretty knitterly”

  1. I am sooo proud. And you did fringey bits, too! Go forth, young knitter, into the land of sweaters and conquer!

  2. Thank you both! I can’t believe how well the scarves turned out— in fact, I may start another project tonight with an additional challenge: learn to purl.
    Egad! 😀

    @Mom – I think I’m pretty far off learning to construct a sweater, but maybe I’ll try after I get some of the knitting gear you’re saving for me. Right now, I’m good with scarves. 😉

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