How close is too close for comfort?

The blare of fire alarms and smoke detectors screamed through the stairwell. The smell and sight of smoke was all around. No fire in our flat, but what about the others? Neil went out into the hall to investigate.

Turns out the dude across the hall was down in his garden burning – what I’m guessing to be – the autumn leaves that had fallen into his patch of ground. He didn’t bother to shut the windows to the stairwell, and so the sensors went ape-shit. I snapped a little picture from a darkened window. He seemed to have the five foot square patch of fire under control, but to burn something that large so near to two old wooden sheds and surrounded by wobbly wooden fences? I like me some fire, but this felt a bit too close for my comfort.
Here’s the shot: (click to enlarge)

Our daredevil neighbour and his big garden fire.
He’s since turned the embers and ash into the bit of dirt* he grows potatoes (and weeds) in, and so I suppose all is well, but really, is this legal? There’s no hose pipe water supply down there either. Scary.

*His garden is just that tiny bit within the fences and up to the division between sheds. The fire (at its biggest point) was roughly one third or more of his entire garden!

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5 thoughts on “How close is too close for comfort?”

  1. I looked at the enlarged picture–the man is a complete idiot. One whiff of wind and there go the sheds, then the fence, and possibly the building! He should, at the least, be fined.

  2. That’s what I thought! I don’t know if he gets up to this annually or not, but I think I’m going to ask the landlady to have a word with him.

  3. The pile of ash is two feet tall and still smoking this morning! I can’t figure out what he was burning because leaves would’ve burned down to nothing!

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