My Spanish is rusty but February is feo so far

February 1: Oh, actually, this day was mostly OK. Had a good lunch with someone who has hopefully avoided my cold. Symptoms began and I plunged headlong into denial of the illness. Illness was not amused.

February 2: Illness takes up residence and makes a mess of the host (that’s me, for those following along). Most of day spent in bed whilst Illness replaced my blood with tiny razors and beat a soup pot over my head.

February 3: I was supposed to be at work. Illness had other plans. Spent most of the day dressed only in underwear and in dull pain but KICKED ASS playing Onimusha 3 on the Playstation 2. The triumphant feeling at the end of the day was quickly extinguished via my throbbing sinuses and banishment to the sofa. This was also the day I officially infected Neil. He could do with less of this type of ‘sharing’ in the relationship, I think.

February 4: Illness has taken us both down hard, but in the haze of migraines, body aches, and general boogery, choking ‘bleh’, we booked our fall holiday: Spain. We’re taking two weeks and though we aren’t really feeling the excitement now, surely the thrill of a new stamp in our passports will hit after we’re both well again. I’m also looking forward to brushing up on my Spanish. As it stands now, my limited vocabulary can only comment on how ugly the blue shoes on your head are.
I think there are likely more valuable phrases to construct and retain.

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One thought on “My Spanish is rusty but February is feo so far”

  1. So far, this new year is feo 🙂

    Get better soon. Imagine me bringing you orange juice and shiny magazines as in the old days.

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