Again? So soon? Dayum.

There’s a party in my lungs, and all y’all germs are invited. It seems just yesterday when my whole month of November was consumed by a lung/head thing. Cue the old Depeche Mode song and sing along with “I just can’t get enough…”

So yesterday I didn’t feel 100%, but today (after a rather tumultuous night’s sleep) I woke with a temperature of 100 degrees. Go Me! I went and sat on the cold, below freezing balcony, drank water, and whimpered a bit. I ached to the point where every cell was in a dull pain. This has come and gone over the course of the day. You could say I’m not particularly amused.

I’ve just had a soak in the tub, some Lem-Sip (cold and flu remedy), and am about to retire to bed for about the twentieth hour today. The ringing in my ears means I’m too sensitive for my iPod, but in silence I can get some monotonous knitting done. If my next post complains about blindness, you’ll know I fell asleep on one of the needles.

Incidentally, this is the month I had planned on finishing the novel that illness cut short in November. I still believe it to be possible, but jeez- the beginning of February is anything but encouraging so far! * sigh *

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