is suspicious and watching the mail slot carefully

Isn’t cancelling your Reader’s Digest subscription supposed to be one of the most long and difficult cancellations around? I had heard horror stories that the procedure is similar to a messy divorce- the kind that involves bloodshed, lies, tears, and a fight over the bank account.
Not so with me; I was off the phone in less than one minute of conversation. Whoosh! and I was unsubscribed. No, ‘Are you sure? Can I tempt you with a chance to win a basket of puppies?’ Just ‘OK. Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?’ I felt my practised speech going to waste and applied it anyway.
He seemed indifferent while I was trying to EXTRA cancel.

Freaky. A good start to the morning’s business though! 🙂

UPDATE: (This is good…) So I’ve just come in from lunch with my pal Barry and see that there’s a comment to moderate on my blog. It’s a reasonable enough comment (and friendly), but then I noticed that the gmail address isn’t technically legit (illegal characters). So I follow his IP in my stats. Without going into details: a bunch of pages viewed and a bunch of minutes were spent here at regularjen. That’s cool.
But wait… The IP traces to Reader Digest Association in London.

Mr. Conrad, am I being watched for defecting now? 😉

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5 thoughts on “is suspicious and watching the mail slot carefully”

  1. Ah, but just wait. Soon the mail from Reader’s Digest will start arriving. “Please won’t you reconsider?” “You’ve been specially selected!” “We can confirm you have a 100% chance to win ¬£¬£¬£”.

    Keep us updated as to how it goes.

    Mr. Conrad

  2. Actually, I had no problems getting rid of the subscription either – and that was even with them doing their “you’ve already had the first issue of your new subscription” – the customer service agent just cancelled the whole thing and didn’t even ask me to pay for the one issue they’d already sent.

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