Adding the plus

I’ve come up with a new system for labelling the anti-awesome. I call it: adding the plus.

When someone is being a bit nasty or just a dick, then add a plus to their name. It’s a conversation-friendly way of implying that someone is being over the top in a negative way. I work with someone who has been in this FirstName+ mode for about a month. I think recent job stresses have cranked his already bunched panties into a full-on square knot. What really sucks is that I think he’s being even less pleasant to one particular co-worker in the hopes that she’ll quit.
So. Not. On.
You, sir, get the plus.

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5 thoughts on “Adding the plus”

  1. A plus is not enough for me because a plus is so positive. I would have to use a square (not the shape). Thus: “Englethorpe is today being Englethorpe squared”.

  2. Conversely, in geeky circles (well, et al), “name++” means ‘name’ is awesome/amazing and we want to increment (++) their ‘karma’…

    Maybe you need to use “name-” or “name–“? ;-p

  3. I never got into the string of geek label characters‚ÄI didn’t even figure out what my own would mean. (Though I was kind of curious.)

    Nope, I stand by my Name+. If you knew the person, you’d know that he can only be an extra helping more of what he normally is, i.e. the overdrive of asshat. 😉

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