A perfect end

It’s the simple things, really.

My husband came home. Had some soup. We talked about the day and about the new home workspace arrangements (among other things both fleeting and with gravity). Very positive stuff.
Watched CSI (Las Vegas). Drank a couple White Russians. Chatted through every commercial break, in no hurry to return to the program. Conversation drifted to music and the old living room laptop emerged to play to us forgotten videos from Kate Bush. (Thank you, YouTube.)

And now it’s time for bed. Late, but couldn’t have been sooner.
This is what we live for.
Good night.

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3 thoughts on “A perfect end”

  1. I’m having a lovely evening, too. Warm house, home made soup, new season of Torchwood, and fun work on a new art project…my brain is excited, my body relaxed. Love it!

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