Why yes, that IS my drink

Note to self: When giving a haircut, keep your tasty glass of Bailey’s much further away from the artistic gestures of waving scissors and a comb. The cast off hair will travel.
Much, much further than you think.

Hair in my drink. Yum.
Unless you enjoy having a really unpleasant tickle in your throat for the rest of the evening. * ehhkk hmmm hmmm ghekk *

Before you wonder, of course I saw a few hairs on the surface of my drink. I fished them out like any desperate-to-not-waste-a-perfectly-good-drink person would. After a few more sips, I realised Neil’s hair has INTENSE GRAVITY and had formed a layer of man-carpet across the bottom of my drink.

I’m debating straining it through a piece of fabric because I refuse to be beaten by this situation. This fabric may end up being a pair of my underpants. Clean, of course. I’m not weird, you know.

For the record, I’m feeling much better today. This is normal kind of crazy.

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