You may now shower me in gifts.

It’s my birthday today. I’m * cough cough cough * years old. I actually typed a cough for every syllable of my spoken age. That’ll do, really.

I’m at the point in my life where a long-term reality doesn’t seem like someone else’s life, or a movie that I have no control over. I can map out my future pretty confidently and feel the optimism of a horizon full of achievements and goals to meet.

So far (and not in order), I have had high-stress/mega-pressure jobs, I’ve earned a degree, I’ve moved around the world, I’ve survived cancer (rather triumphantly), and I’ve purposely put myself into a part-time job I enjoy so that I can get on with what I really want to do: that writing thing.
This life so far – though typed out in gappy summary – has been pretty good. I have no children and at the age of * cough cough cough * it feels amazing knowing that if I haven’t felt a chasm of loss by not procreating or adopting by now that I’m set for smooth sailing here on out. Funny how people (the ones that will or already have children) often assume that it’s a level of immaturity that fuels a childless person’s decision to remain a non-parent, but when the topic comes up at work, it’s often the youngest of my colleagues that most dream of children. That’s fine, to each her/his own, but I’m comfortable knowing that I do not require children. Neil is the same; if there hasn’t been a fire for kids in his heart by now (and he is seven years older than me) then we’re in the clear. This makes planning our future infinitely easier. It is January of 2008 and our future is stronger than ever.

So life is pretty good. I work with cool people, [some of whom are resigning and moving on to forge careers and earn educations – I will miss you tremendously], I eat well enough, I live in a part of the world I adore, I feel immense love everyday, and I’m pushing myself to achieve what scares the crap out of me: the writing thing.

Bring it on, birthday. I’ve earned you.
And if you must know: I am thirty-six.

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17 thoughts on “You may now shower me in gifts.”

  1. Hi Jen

    Happy Birthday – have a lovely day and 2008. I still can’t believe you’re cough cough cough!



  2. Thank you Matt!

    Thank you Alex!
    (And thank you for being one of the brave ones to have a child. 😉 ) I can’t believe I’m cough cough cough either- I don’t feel it!

  3. It’s a good thing I never had any desire to be a Grandmother. I’m perfectly happy being a Grammy to Ollie and Paddy.

    Happy Birthday, light of my life. I hope you have a lot of celebratory chocolate today! :))

  4. Thank you Mike!

    Thank you Mom! (And to those wondering who Ollie and Paddy are, why should I ruin the mystery… 😉 )

  5. A very happy birthday to you and doesn’t it feel good to be comfortable with your self and where you are in life? It is a truly refreshing feeling.

    Enjoy your birthday. Get out. Take pictures. Make art. HAVE FUN!!!

  6. Hi CC! Thank you!
    Yes, I’ve always known I was pretty comfortable with who I am but only in the last year have I really been looking more closely at what makes me a challenge to myself. I’ve been working through some things and learning. It’s good to be thirty-six, and even better to be happy about it. 🙂

    Art. Definitely something that will happen more this year.

  7. @christian: I’ll try it in fifty-four days and not a second sooner. 😉

    @Daddy P: Do I need to threaten turning off comments again? 😛
    But, yes, thank you- I am having a great day!

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