Just a few things before I catch you in 2008

Yes, here it is: the last regularjen post of 2007.

In the New Year you can expect a new look for regularjen.com, a separate site launch for a whole ‘nother project of mine, more photography, more art, and most importantly: more writing. The writing bit will be both regular blog writing as well as some more on my fiction and non-fiction stuff. November was devoted to illness and December was devoted to the retail job. I am so ready for January it’s almost painful!

The downstairs neighbours are noisy as anything tonight which I translate into permission for me to drink and be merry as well. This will include the Death In The Afternoon cocktail (a shot of Pernod Absinthe in a glass of champagne), some favourite tunes on the big speakers in the living room, and likely a spin of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD.

Happy New Year, y’all. Be safe and see you on the other side. x

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