Feeling good and starting that knitting thing

Just got home after a really good evening out with my in-laws. I hadn’t seen them since before our holiday in October! Illness and work schedules really did a number on our get-togethers. Had an absolutely lovely meal and chat time. We still haven’t finalised what we’re all doing for Christmas this year, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out in the next few days. Neil has already blogged what the two of us have in mind, but this may or may not shift a bit depending on what we do with them.

In other news, I took the plunge and went to a local knitting and needlework shop today! I am now the proud owner of a “learn to knit a scarf” kit and a few extra skeins of yarn. Between a borrowed copy of “Knitting For Dummies” (Pam Allen)*, the instructions that came with the kit, and Neil remembering knitting with his mom, I’ve managed a few rows of something resembling a scarf. This was no small feat, as I didn’t realise that I had to transfer these stitches between “sticks”! Dave and Maggie loved my knitting terminology during our story telling over dinner tonight but I didn’t have the courage to spill my silly knitting mantra yet… I’ll wait till I have something resembling a finished piece first. No, I’m not telling you either. My silly secret…
More on the great knitting adventure in an upcoming post. 😉

Anyway, a fantastic evening out with family, a belly full of profiteroles, and a new hobby undertaken. A great day! (About time too! Hooray antibiotics!)

*(thanks Karen!)

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4 thoughts on “Feeling good and starting that knitting thing”

  1. The downside of knitting a scarf is that you can’t quit too soon.

    The upside is that you can go on pretty much as long as you want.

  2. I’ve got about a 6.5″ x 10″ chunk done so far. I’m pleased with the progress, but there’s so much further to go! (Unless I quit now and decide it’s an oversized coaster… hmmm)

  3. You are very welcome!

    I was very bad and gave up on my scarf after about 15 rows….I’ll go back to it one day.

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