I told you Facebook was evil. Now we know it’s Spyware.

Though I’m feeling poorly, I couldn’t resist a post about Facebook, linking and quoting John C. Dvorak’s blog (which quotes PC World).

Facebook Admits Ad Service Tracks Logged-Off Users
Facebook's controversial Beacon ad system tracks users' off-Facebook activities even if those users are logged off from the social-networking site and have previously declined having their activities on specific external sites broadcast to their Facebook friends, a company spokesman said via e-mail over the weekend.

Right. So, erm. Facebook owns you in more evil ways than you ever thought. Pretty cool, eh? Even now that Facebook is caught red-handed with their spyware, the social networking site has only provided a partial opt-out option for the Beacon program. So, basically, it sounds like they’ll still track as much as they can and you can’t do a thing about it.

Spyware. Spyware behind a site that everyone wants to be in more than a strip club with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sounds like a great place but really too good to be true, innit.

For those not knowing my previous posts on the terror that is Facebook, I offer links for your reading enjoyment. Don’t forget the comments, especially the ones about trying to delete your Facebook account. (Searches on deleting Facebook accounts come a close second to resetting nvram as my most popular posts.)

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2 thoughts on “I told you Facebook was evil. Now we know it’s Spyware.”

  1. I am pretty sure with the next few years alot mre evils will come to light. Myspace, youtube and many others are up to very dirty things, some worse then just spyware and ad tracking. When these others surface you will probably see the end of so many free social sites. You do get what you pay for. And if you pay nothing for it, be twice as careful.

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