The corporate survey

The antibiotics are doing their thing and I’m mostly well.
Hooray! The Plague is lifting! Rejoice!

And so I made it to work yesterday. (Boo…) The gold star reward for going in was the pleasure of filling out an anonymous corporate survey. (Hooray!*) It was a delightfully probing study into the minds of the drones that drive the massive online/high street/UK & EU established company where I devote 20+ hours per week. Kind of a “how’s my driving” big-rig bumper sticker stretched out into dozens of questions on the corporate intranet system.

You don’t KNOW how I love to fill these sorts of things out. No, really. I do.

Especially the bits you can get wordy with, such as the, “What do you value most regarding your involvement with Company XYZ?”
I filled out some honest (and likely expected) stuff like, ‘I enjoy knowing ___ and working with ___” etc. etc. but the last item I listed in my three or four line answer was “and most especially the annual nude employee canoe outings.”

We’ll see if we get a memo back on that one.

*almost like a pantomime, innit.

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3 thoughts on “The corporate survey”

  1. I’ve conducted some interesting experiments in my last weeks of work. I’ll probably blog about them when I’m really finished, but I’ve been expecting to hear back about some of them.

    One of them was some paperwork that was collected at the start of the year. I was convinced that the stuff was useless, and that no-one would notice that I hadn’t handed it in. Or that it wouldn’t matter.

    I did get chatted once about it – but that was because someone found the box containing all of the forms under my desk when I was away and they were looking for something else. I promptly then chucked it away, so they won’t find it again.

    I’ve also managed to avoid doing a heap of stuff that I was supposed to do, thinking that it was an irrelevant waste of time.

    So far, it is looking like I was right…

  2. Oh, and the other fun thing I do is surveys pretending I am someone/thing I am not.

    I did a 15 minute survey about Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, from the perspective of an accountant.

    Which I clearly am not.

    I make a game out of it – making sure my answers are consistent across the whole survey, yet still rubbish. Consistent rubbish, if you will.

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