worthy of a visit to the doctor

I have had a cold since before this time last week. I haven’t really kept track, but I know that I wasn’t at work last Tuesday either, so it’s been more than a week of suffering at least. Today I gave up and went to the doctor.
I now have a shiny new round of antibiotics.

Yesterday I was awake for probably less than four consecutive hours. I was also in migraine territory. Extreme and lasting pain, sparkly vision, the works. The only thing that kept me from crying was the knowledge that crying usually gives me a headache… erm, didn’t really need any more of that, thanks.

So if I seem to be ignoring my bloggerly duties, I assure you it’s with good reason.
Now, I’m going to see if I can sleep through another day. (Betcha I can– I’m getting pretty good at it.)

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