A bit of geek time. That felt good.

Although I’m trying to get over a cold and head/sinus pain, I dug into the guts of my blog this morning to make a few changes to the code. I’d been ignoring an error that wouldn’t allow you to click through previous/next entries in category or archive choices. That’s fixed now. I also tweaked the sidebars to reflect far less stuff (link clutter) if you’re on a single entry page or static page (like when leaving a comment or reading my tutorials). Much less distracting. I also added dates to the search results– damn, that seemed obvious and for some reason was completely overlooked. All better now.

All in all, you likely won’t notice any difference in your experience here unless you’ve hit an error message in the past. If for some reason you still encounter an error, please let me know the details of how it occurred. That would be awesome of you. I’ll even blow you kisses.

And now I’m going to take advantage of the rest of this precious time between headaches and go do some writing whilst I’m feeling mighty.

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