Bah to the Humbug

It’s been a long time since I cared about Christmas.

I did a little bit of decorating at work today and I couldn’t have been more indifferent about it. Green stuff, sparkly stuff, things that resemble Christmas trees. In the end, what I did looks festive enough, but to me it just doesn’t mean a lot.

I can’t seem to come up with a specific age or year when Christmas lost its magic, but perhaps growing up in a non-religious household its days (or years) were numbered anyway. In my younger years, Christmas was always that really good get-together with the whole family where loads of food and fun happened. Gifts were cool, but second to the get-together itself. The majority of my extended family doesn’t drink and so festivities never included spiked eggnog or any of that stuff– Christmas was purely to be with each other and it was pretty wonderful.

Now, the family is smaller (despite the children born over the years) and seems more spread out. There haven’t been ‘big’ get-togethers in years. Sometimes I wonder why that is, and sometimes I think the fade was inevitable. I still think about past Christmases fondly, but it’s because of the people, never the time of year.

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5 thoughts on “Bah to the Humbug”

  1. I hear ya sister! I have many reasons to dislike Christmas. At least when my family gets together for the holidays there is plenty of booze for everyone!

  2. For the extended family I believe the slide down the slippery slope started years ago with several members moving away. In our hearts we’ve always remained close, but it was hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time. And we’ve had too many deaths of key family members –the ones that we all revolved around. There are empty spaces that just can’t be filled. The laugh, the face, the silliness, the hug, all the familiar and expected things. On the rare occasions when we’ve tried to get together, we couldn’t talk fast enough, laugh loud enough or smile big enough to forget those empty spaces or not notice them.

    As for me personally, I used to love everything about Christmas. You know exactly when my joy started being chipped away several years ago. I don’t know that I’ll ever get it all back, but at least now I can have my small tree and serenely enjoy the sparkle of the icicles and the twinkling white lights. It gives me a little of the same feeling that I get when I sit on the back steps to look at the stars I love.

    Crap. I got myself all teary-eyed, and there’s not a thing in the house to drink. Wish I had some eggnog!

  3. Yeah, Christmas used to be very cool. I used to love decorating and all that too. Actually, I keep tiny white lights up year round in my little office – I love the soft twinkle. All the other stuff has just become less necessary to me over the years.

    Christmas has never been about the religious aspect of the season for us (as in you, me, dad)- always about the festivities and family. You’re right about certain key family members not being with us anymore; there’s definitely a void and the season has never been the same without them.

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