Three years ago on Guy Fawkes night I watched fireworks from above

Three year anniversary collage

I moved to the UK three years ago tonight. I miss family and friends, but absolutely love my life in England.

(See the above picture on flickr for more information about the images in the collage.)

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5 thoughts on “Three years ago on Guy Fawkes night I watched fireworks from above”

  1. Well, I shall raise a cup of tea to you. Or perhaps a glass of warm flat beer. Well done for sticking it out.

    There must be some typically American things you miss from over the pond though. Corn dogs for example. I have no idea what one is to be honest. Sounds quite nasty. Twinkie bars? People called Vinnie who say “Eh, forgeddaboudit!!”? Taxi drivers who shout “PUTZ!” out of the window?
    I’m mostly guessing here…..

  2. Thank you very much, misterwoppit!

    And yes, I admit to one purely ridiculous and nutritionally empty pleasure that I miss:

    Taco Bell.

    Mexican food never tasted so American. 😀

  3. You don’t miss Noodles? I had their Chicken Noodle soup tonight. Not feeling well, maybe it’s because I miss you.:(

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