Apple is checking out my simply super Google placement for Reset NVRAM

Now, here’s what this little post is all about. How to Reset NVRAM has always been a popular page on my blog. I see loads of hits for it in my referral logs every day. Today, I noticed that someone from Apple Computer popped in and had a look… Turns out I’m currently the number two Google hit for Reset NVRAM; first place goes to Apple Computer. (If I came in above them, I’d be worried.)

I figured it’s about time I do some low-effort maintenance on the page again, so I just rechecked the links and they are all still valid and land you at relevant Apple support documents. I have not updated any of my tutorial text in a couple of years, but I do try to keep on top of those links.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped in for Reset NVRAM and I hope it has helped in some way. šŸ™‚

I have other tutorials on Photoshop techniques and such– you’ll find them listed in the sidebar. Enjoy!

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