One of those mornings? Nah, just a false start.

I’ve got great plans and motivations, but my brain is not fully co-operating yet and obviously didn’t get the memo.

Left a comment on Molly’s post with a typo in my email address. (Smacks forehead.) The comment includes a link to my Halloween photo (see the post and you’ll know why) and so when I typed a ‘d’oh’ comment to correct things (likely unnecessary, but that tells you where my pea-brain is this morning) that comment goes through whilst the other remains in moderation (likely for the link approval) and so now I have a completely disjointed comment on her site. I am a dork… Molly, forgive me for looking like a dipshit in your comments this morning. * sigh * And I was so excited to join the fun…

Need. More. Coffee.

November is a month of commitments. I am reopening my writing coursework after a tumultuous year off. I can’t believe it’s been that long (give or take) but when I think of the shit places my head has been over the past year, I can understand why. Serious depression (a family trait), ADD (often best buddies with my depression), changing job focus (giving up the well-paid web dev work to pursue the dream), and moving house have done a number on several projects. Oh, and there was that immigration thing to deal with too. No wonder I’ve got loads of stuff started and very little finished.
So November is officially jEN-gets-her-poop-together month.

Let’s hope this works out better than my stupid comment posting this morning. 😛

[Exits to put the kettle on.]

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6 thoughts on “One of those mornings? Nah, just a false start.”

  1. You look less of a dipshit than me, who managed to first post an apparently empty comment because the img src tag got filtered 🙂

    Mine’s a coffee…

    – Neil.

  2. Oh, this is fun. Follow the comment trail regarding the comments about comment. 😛

    Alas, Jen, you didn’t show up in moderation, WordPress probably bounced you. Could you repost? This time with a URL (not an img, Neil ;))


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