I hear the moon is made of it, but have yet to see any proof.

I’m home from work and check my email.

J- “Next week’s Tchibo catalogue is kind of crap.”

N- “Why?”

J- [in a sultry voice-over tone] “The Charm of Christmas. Festive Home and Kitchen Week.”

I scroll through the product pictures.

J- “You can get a cuckoo clock… that’s pretty crap.”
pause to browse
“Ooh! I cheese shaver! … You know, the kind that takes a great big wheel of cheese?”

N- [He sounds disappointed.] “Oh… I thought it was a shaver made of cheese.”

J- “Your mornings would be so much more enjoyable, wouldn’t they…”

Note: this household has an unhealthy love for cheese. One of our fond holiday memories of our time in Malta was the totally awesome cheese board we ordered in the posh coffee bar at the hotel. Mmmm…

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