Proud mama of a bouncy baby MacBook Pro

This is the first post since migrating my Ecto blogging stuff over to the new machine.

I must say, the thrill is here. I haven’t had a new Mac in years and this little sweetie – delivered just this morning – is a treat. I’ve been living with my work spread between three (though mostly two) older Macs for years and this latest edition to our Apple family is going to become my new mobile/main workstation. No longer will I need to do graphics/photography/web/webdev/email/chat on the desktop and writing on the old Powerbook 667Mhz (which replaced my Powerbook G3 500Mhz Pismo that now resides in the living room for quick lookups whilst watching telly), nope – this MacBook Pro can do it all and do it fast.

I’m so very pleased so far. Plus, thanks to our timing, we get a (basically) free upgrade to Leopard (the latest OS). Pretty cool.

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5 thoughts on “Proud mama of a bouncy baby MacBook Pro”

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me that feels the necessity to have an old mac to hand for quick lookups whilst watching telly! Usually wikipedia or imdb. (“She’s HOW old?!”)

  2. I knew I couldn’t be the only obsessive who needed instant IMDB satisfaction or a PS2 cheat… 😀

    Welcome to my blog, Drew!

  3. A word of warning about an upgrade to Leopard. This OS has a nasty habit of leaving half eaten gazelles in trees, so beware when walking underneath branches.

  4. @misterwoppit: Actually, I received my upgrade today but won’t do the deed yet. The postman did have some suspicious claw marks on his cheek…

    @Matt: I think that will come soon… she is a beauty. 😀

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