from our sun loungers

A perfect sea breeze made the heat of the sun bearable. We sunbathed for only a few hours on our last full day in Malta. I escaped without much more than a slight darkening of freckles (thanks to the products seen in the shot), but Neil burned a bit after only relying on body hair for protection. (Not a totally ridiculous idea, as his hair typically protects him from insect bites… 😉 ) He has vowed to use a more widely accepted method of sun protection in the future.

Photos from the holiday in Malta are going up in a trickle to flickr. Do stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “from our sun loungers”

  1. Just checked your photos on flickr. Actually, you have been on a horse before. You were three, and a neighbor brought his palomino over to Grandmother Charlotte’s when we were visiting. I’ve got pictures somewhere of you grinning like a monkey, sitting in the saddle by yourself, not a bit afraid, while the neighbor led the horse around the yard! Of course, it looked like a parade with all of us ready to catch you if needed.

  2. Typical reaction from a child. There’s your Mom having a fond memory and you retort with a downer.
    Children are such a disappointment – they never play properly.
    Don’t worry Mom, I thought it was a lovely story. Got any embarrassing piccies of Jen I can post on my blog? Tee hee

  3. @DaddyP: Thank you for the comforting words, and for smacking my cheeky daughter. Children, children…what are we to do with them? Perhaps I should give my will a quick going over 🙂 Let’s see–considering my net worth, what’s nothing from nothing? Since you’re so understanding, I think I should put you in there for your share of nothing, too!

    Sorry, I can’t fill your request for the pics. I’m already using what I’ve got to blackmail her 🙂

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