Stop driving me crazy, Welshman

He’s sitting here on the reception sofa with me, tipsy on several drinks (mostly Long Island Iced Teas), and quite audibly making known his desire for posh chocolate cake.

It’s actually quite reassuring, knowing that the workaholic that is my husband can let his hair down. (And his pants, as he has just enthused.) I should also add, that he is annoyingly reading out loud all I type from over my shoulder. Did I mention, ‘annoyingly’?

Best holiday, evah.
Good night. I must put him to bed now… 😉

…erm, after he looks up The Shadows… the Musak band playing on the intercom system in the hotel lobby tonight. He is reminiscing with regards to his first electric guitar (and is telling me what to type at this point. God help me…)

And he wishes me to mention: cheese trousers.

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10 thoughts on “Stop driving me crazy, Welshman”

  1. Just so you can relive the wonder that is Hank Marvin… head over to YouTube. This was the very track broadcasting throughout the hotel a few moments ago. As I type this it’s Live and Let Die.

    Oh yeah, swing them pants!

    Look… I’m kidding about that first bit, OK..? Just ‘cos, in my teenage years, I could precisely duplicate his every plectrum stroke with my first ‘lectric geetaar (and free accompanying 8 watt portable amplification unit), and could expertly execute the volume note adjustment technique, does not mean I have any of their CDs. I now return you to normal programming.

  2. We are now awake, alive, sober and ready to head out for a day of adventure.

    @Jodi: I think you are free to name a band Cheese Trousers. I haven’t Googled it, but it’s likely a name yet to be plucked for the fast-track to stardom.

    @DaddyP: 😉

  3. Oh, misterwoppit — it’s either the remnants of Happy Hour here at the poshy poshy hotel or the honest goodness of your comedy, but either way I am snorting and giggling thanks to your comment. 🙂

  4. Daddypapersurfer (DaddyP for short): I can’t even say ‘sheep’s cheese trousers’, but I must admit to finding the concept rather appealing, where’s me wellies..?

  5. I never knew that sheep wore trousers made from cheese. This has opened up a world of possibilities for my lucrative ‘edible clothing for animals’ business. I must rush off to start on designs for dog’s yoghurt shirts.

  6. @misterwoppit: you are a man of vision… just remember that children and animals are supposed to be the most difficult to work with on TV (I mention this should you decide to apply for a beating on Dragons’ Den).

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