Have you been to Malta?

Our holiday to Malta is rapidly approaching and I wondered if anyone has any input regarding the spending money we might need. The Lira isn’t changing over to the Euro until January 2008, so I’ll be getting British Pounds exchanged for the Maltese currency. I can look up (and have looked up) the exchange rates, but that doesn’t tell me what the real spending experience is like on Malta.

I’ve read conflicting reports– some say living is cheap in Malta (for local goods and groceries), whilst others say Malta is expensive because so much is imported. We will have basic cooking facilities in our poshy-poshy hotel, so I plan on prepping several meals in the room. (Honestly, as long as we have bread, cheese, and some fruit, we can pretty much survive.)

Emails or comments appreciated. Ta.

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6 thoughts on “Have you been to Malta?”

  1. hey Jen – Thanks for spotting my fonts! Will you be in Malta next week? Cuz we’re gonna be in London (my first time there) looking for something to do. I’ve got a little font movie I’ll be showing people, and meeting up with people for coffee and beers and wine and talking about my custom font work. Oct 15-20, if you’re gonna be in town, let me know. If you’re in Malta, that’s cool too, take some great pictures. Best travel luck to you!

  2. Hi Chank! I’ve been thinking about you guys lately! Spooky! 😀

    I’ll send you an email with some more info on my plans and what we might be able to do.


  3. Much is imported, and with the exchange rate, it is a bit dearer than what you are used to here.

    If you are feeling adventurous, eat the local dish – Rabbit!

    The town of Silliema (spelling) is best for nightlife and shopping – you guys are going to have a blast!

  4. Yup- the exchange rate isn’t as good as it would be if they were on the Euro already, but that’s fine. We’ll do like we did in Portugal and find a supermarket of some sort to stock up for the week (way cheaper than the convenience shops – got stung by those in Madeira).

    ‘fraid we’ll be passing on the rabbit… unless they’re made of soya. 😉
    I hear the seafood is great though. That, we can do.

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