finally found it in town: Crooked Little Vein

Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis

I’m expecting the worst. In a good way. 😉

Can be found (UK):

And likely everywhere in the US, because that’s just the way it frickin’ is.

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8 thoughts on “finally found it in town: Crooked Little Vein”

  1. Found it at a Waterstone’s. As far as I know, it’s still an American import, but it was on the shelf with Sci-Fi/Fantasy. It’s a cute little hardback with a glossy black cover.

    I’m 15 pages in and it’s really something else already. 😉

  2. You know book-stuff, so you might be the person to ask. How can I keep track of when a book is out in paperback? I really don’t like hardcovers – it seems like I’m paying more for a book that’s harder to operate – and there’s several new releases (Crooked Little Vein among them) that I’m waiting to come out in lovely soft covers.

  3. Hi Alex! You can ask you’re friendly bookseller to look it up for you. They’ll have an ‘insider’ search capability that typically looks into the future as well as the catalogue titles for an author. I’ve had them do it at Waterstone’s before.

    I do know that when a hardback comes out that it’s typically six months before the small format paperback is released. If they do one of the larger paperbacks (‘trade’ format, I think) it’s usually a shorter wait.

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