F1, the job, and nachos always win

I started my day with the normal breakfast routine (cereal, juice, coffee) and supplemented it with a dose of Formula 1 race watching. Yeah, I know– this combined with my TV consumption of late (which included this) and I’m dangerously near morphing into a complete tomboy.
To be fair, that Lewis Hamilton is just a treat to watch– so positive and so freakishly good at his job. A forgivable reason to watch an otherwise pointless sport. (Although, saying that, F1 is WAY better than NASCAR, despite my American roots trying to convince me otherwise. I just can’t do NASCAR.)

Then it was off to work at the part-time job. I got to spend time with one of the new hires. She’s perfectly nice and as long as she listens and works on her ‘people-speak’ she’ll be fine. (Do they even teach kids how to speak with courtesy and tact anymore?)
The job was full of quirky situations today, but otherwise unremarkable. Funny how I was so scared to start a regular job after doing freelance work for awhile (and the job before that having little to do with the public), but I’m to the point where I’m finally feeling comfortable and somewhat knowledgeable. I guess part of it is the feeling that it’s good to not be the new kid on the job anymore. I have miles on my tyres. There’s always more to learn, but at least I’ve got most of the kinks worked out. That feels pretty good. 🙂

Oh and, nachos always win.
When given the supper options for tonight in all their common glory, the ace in the hole is always nachos.
Leftover noodles? Baked potatoes? Nachos?
That last one wasn’t even a question…

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