RT: 2 October 2007

Stephen Fry has a blog. Make a coffee or tea, grab your reading glasses, and go to the toilet before you settle in… his entries are several thousand wonderful words each.
*His site was down this morning, but keep trying – it’s worth the wait.

We ordered a new MacBook Pro last night! My first new Mac in five years! Hooray! One Mac to rule them all! We’re trying to get the timing right so that the new baby can go on holiday with us. I hear there’s free wifi at the hotel in Malta, however the online activity will be nothing more than a few minutes of check-this-check-that kind of stuff. I really want the Mac on holiday for writing (working hard on a book right now) and a place to dump photos.
I’m really trying to hold back from doing the NEW TOY! NEW TOY! NEW TOY! dance until it’s in my hot little hands.

How poisonous is the non-stick surface of a baking sheet? I think I just ate some. Note to self: (and to the man that lives in this flat with me… 😉 ) soaking a baking sheet in soapy water for several days seems to break down the coating. Funny how you just get used to seeing something and you pass right by it without recognising that you should probably finish the task. Thankfully, the new sheet cost was less than £4…
Now, the hospital treatment on the other hand…
(The fish fingers/sticks were worth a bit of poison, I’d say.)

What’s your first thought when you think of Recycled Toilet Paper? Yeah, mine too. Bought some though. You probably won’t see a product review here, so you’re safe from that.

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5 thoughts on “RT: 2 October 2007”

  1. A Pro!! Just got a refurb Powerbook AND a new iMac a few days later – both fundubbydozy. Have fun!
    Got the iMac up and running as exact replica of all my rubbish that was on the Powerbook within 25 minutes of starting to open the box – PC’s bleh!!

  2. I’ve gone even further, daddypapersurfer – I’ve installed OS X onto my old Dell, as well as the G4 iMac and Santa-Rosa (ie, new) MacBook Pro.

    Loving it.

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