Faith in our future sponge bath administrators restored, somewhat

Turns out, one of the two work experience kids has done a 180 to achieve a level or two above tolerable. In fact, though we all thought a two week stint was excessive, it seems that giving the guys ten days brought the best attitude and abilities to the surface, whereas if they had left after last Friday, neither would have gone away with anything useful (or positive marks for school).

As I said, one of the two is shining now, and wouldn’t you know, it’s the kid I wanted to kick last week. (The other one just stopped showing up and complained to the end about how crap and boring and pointless the job is. Nice one. I actually love my job, thanks.) The one who remains? I actually hope he manages to get some part-time work out of the company. He’s doing that well now. I am so very pleasantly surprised!

Of course, it didn’t hurt for him to be totally shocked that I’m ten years older than he’d guessed. (He clearly didn’t do the math about my shoes the other day.)
“Wow! I thought you were in your early twenties! You’re two years older than my mom and she doesn’t look¬† nearly as good as you.”

Oh, dear boy, you can stay. Oh yes. Stay. I could get used to this… Pass me my moisturiser, will you?

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3 thoughts on “Faith in our future sponge bath administrators restored, somewhat”

  1. hello treacle, i can totally understand this comment you made, it actually made me giggle quite a bit! neway we just came in frm the meal and i wanted to txt you but i forgot to save ur number again, (i no, im useless). just wanted to say that ur such a pleasure, i hope i always know you coz u always have such interesting stories to tell and im so happy i met u- love u hun xxxx

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