Erm, no. Still not interested in Facebook. Ta.

Just got this sent to me…
Apparently, I can’t keep up with my friends without Facebook.
I don’t mean to seem ungrateful, but either the person that sent this to me doesn’t keep up on my blog (or else would know that I’m a bit anti-Facebook) or the Borgbook just sends this stuff out without you noticing or giving you an appropriate opt-out. I’ve spoken to the sender once in the last year (a chance meeting at that) and so I’m suspicious as to whether there is an override for sending out bot instant messages. Anybody know?

So really…

Facebook: leave me alone. I still don’t need you. I still don’t want you. Real friends can manage just fine without hanging out in pseudo-social networks.

While I’m at it-
SecondLife: stop spamming me with stuff too. I haven’t been active in SL for over a year, and when I was, I got bored after making an avatar and learning to fly. That time = about an hour. Give up, will ya?

Sheesh. Thank goodness I outgrew peer pressure a long, long time ago.

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