On shoes

My Doc Martens (the purple pair) are older than the work experience boys. One of them asked where I got them:
‘In a little shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1990.’
‘Whoa- I didn’t think your feet stopped growing until you were eighteen…’
‘I think mine were done several years before that – maybe around 1987 or so. I’ll let you chew on the dates.’

And as I pictured the gears grinding to a halt in his head, I left the room and went back to work. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “On shoes”

  1. @xian – Hooray for purple Docs! 😀 (They’re still my most treasured pair of DMs.)

    @Neil Ford – Yeah, I think I prolly stumped them. Although, it is lovely to know that my moisturising regime seems to be slowing the march of time. 😉

  2. Most of my DMs last about two to three years. I have one pair that I’ll be retiring next year as the soles are pretty much gone. Whats your trick?

  3. Thank you Daddy P! And yes, though my eyebrows have a pleasant shape on their own, I do give them a little bit of grooming attention. I like to be sure folks can tell the difference between me and my fuzzy Welshman from a distance. 😉

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