RT: Tuesday 11 September 2007

Why is it that Marilyn Monroe can have her eyes too far apart and she’s a sex symbol, but Britney Spears gets made fun for having wide-set peepers? I never noticed how far apart MM’s were until tonight. I’m not defending Brit-Brit, but it’s kind of a shame that she gets played up as some sort of inbred girl over it.
Of course, Britney doesn’t help her classy image with the whole Cheetos and cigarettes diet…

Oh, and while we’re on Britney: what was up with that career killer at the VMA’s this year? I only saw it on YouTube, but damn. I’d muster up some sympathy for her if she actually looked like she cared or was trying.

Hey new work experience boy: yes, I have tattoos peeking out of my t-shirt at work. That fact doesn’t give us some sort of instant history/coolness thang. Oh, and you’re overcompensating with an obnoxious level of confidence. Like, it bugs me when you ask what I’m doing, in a semi-superior way. Stop it or I’m going to kick you in the nuts before your time is up.
I feel better now.

Mexican food is always worth the gas it produces. Farts are funny.
(Don’t worry Alex, we don’t have to have Mexican on Friday. 😉 )

The new Macbook Pro is getting closer to a reality. Must clean my files so that I can actually fit my shit onto a new machine.

Note to self: no more drinking with co-workers. Seriously. Oh my gawd, there’s photos?

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One thought on “RT: Tuesday 11 September 2007”

  1. Marilyn Monroe also had 6 toes on each foot 🙂

    I read recently that Britney has an income of about $750,000 a month, I think it was in reference to that hard core street-mean gangsta that is K-Fed, suing her for maintenance.

    With an income like, sod the career – it’s Howard Hughes time 🙂


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