Maidenhead Anti-Chav Militia

Graffiti in Maidenhead. Love it.

UPDATE: This could be the work of an Emo movement… Did a Google search and came up with some stuff.
Also, in case you are unfamiliar with the term Chav, I have a couple of links to help with your homework.


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6 thoughts on “Maidenhead Anti-Chav Militia”

  1. Actually, yeah – I’m actually always looking around for his stuff. There’s a piece in Maidenhead that looks very similar to his style but I’m not sure it’s his. Probably a copycat. It doesn’t seem to have ‘a message’ like his stuff normally does.
    I know there’s a book of postcards that tells the locations of several of his pieces – I keep meaning to pick it up to go on a little tour. 🙂

  2. Maidenhead chav militia are just a bunch of kids writing over the true graffiti artists of SL6. And when they get caught by the graffiti artists they have lined they will be murded so i dont understand why you lot like them so much go to the ford garage theres the real graffiti and as for banksy he is a total and utter sell out and as for his pieces there shit he is not a graffiti artist hes a sell out pumplex

  3. Hi Huw- I love the sentiment, not the people. I have no idea who the ‘militia’ is made up of really. I find chavs comical, and so I also find a ‘militia’ to counter the chav trend pretty comical as well.

    I like Banksy and I like his art, but I don’t consider what he does graffiti art in the same way as other pieces are graffiti art (ie: the stuff along the train tracks, skateparks, underpasses etc.). I used to photograph a lot of graffiti in the US, so I know what I like and respect that you know what you like too. 🙂

    I’ll have a look behind Ford at your recommendation, ta.

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