Printer- part two and other Monday goodness

So the (second) new printer arrived. It’s a model up from the one delivered just days ago. This new one is a HP Color LaserJet 2600n and it works something super! I’ve got it on ethernet, so no difficult decisions regarding which of a million USB devices I would need to swap out in order to print. Plus, once I get shit better organised, ethernet is way nicer for playing with every machine in the hacienda. Now, if I can get the other¬† – unsuitable for my system – new printer sold (at a loss, alas) then all will be peachy.

Did some yoga today. I eased in with a half-hour of a familiar routine. My part-time job keeps me fitter than I was giving it credit, as the yoga didn’t kill me. I’m in pretty good shape now, but I’m looking to trim up just that last little bit before I hit the beaches of Malta in a bikini. Did I mention Malta? Yeah, booked tickets for that today. I’m so excited! We’ve never been there and it looks fascinating. I had already planned to make yoga a regular part of my life again, but now I have the magic ingredient of nearly naked Mediterranean panic to help motivate me. You couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer than the bikini that you used to wear so well…

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7 thoughts on “Printer- part two and other Monday goodness”

  1. If he takes a while to get back to you, don’t be offended. He is being harassed by various people at the moment.

  2. How nice that your printer isn’t stuck speaking German only, like mine. I’m considering picking it up, chucking it out a second floor window and giving it a taste of gravity! Maybe that would “halten” it!

  3. wooohoo, we just got back from Malta – ok, late June.

    I wanna give you sooo many places to visit, take the boat to Gozo if you can, make sure your hire car has air con, load plenty of sunscreen, and try the rabbit.

    Also, shopping in Valetta is crap, go elsewhere.

    How long are you going for?

    Where are you staying?

    Get a boat tour of the islands, a private one only cost us about 10 pounds.

    Take goggles – most hotel pools use saltwater.

    Take at least 2 swimsuits, you will want to swim ALOT!

    Ohh, there is sooo much to tell you (damn, did I forget the ADD meds today?)

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