Send me the head of the delivery man…

… just not by his own courier service as it’s likely to never turn up.

I’m ploughing through tasks this morning – some personal, some professional – and one of the first I had to give my attention to was package tracking.

Why, oh why, do delivery drivers lie?

The site said that an attempt was made yesterday. Unable to deliver, the address was left with an ‘attempt card.’ Bollocks. No card, no attempt made. Neil was home all day yesterday (save for a brief lunch with me) but the delivery time-stamp was 16:00. He was home. I repeat, there is no card. Thankfully, Amazon is really on the ball with their third-party shippers and I spoke to a human today to get things resolved. She emailed the internal people and went almost as far as to say, “Stop skiving off and get these people their package. * Phhthbbbttt *” Amazon just got an extra helping of respect from me for that. 🙂

Now, hopefully that driver gets me my package today (Address: double-checked. Phone number: forwarded to driver.) When he arrives, should I give him the raised eyebrow of ‘I know you fibbed on the log so you could go to the pub, now give me my box.’ or should I just smile and say thank you for your prompt service? I think I shall have to go with the feel of the moment. Right now I’d put my money on the eyebrow…

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2 thoughts on “Send me the head of the delivery man…”

  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to raise only one eyebrow. I have practised a lot over the years – I still can’t unless I hold the other one down with some sellotape – but that just looks stupid.

  2. Taping seriously diminishes the effect. I feel for you… I can’t wink worth a damn‚Äö?Ñ?Æ I look like I’m having a seizure or smell something unpleasant.

    I’ll let this little guy do it for me: 😉

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