Best Monday Evah

It’s a bank holiday.
The skies are blue and the weather is a perfect blend of not-too-warm-not-too-chilly.
It’s nachos night.

But better than all of that?

He’s home. Safe and sufficiently jet-lagged, but he’s home.* 😀

*Neil spent nearly eight days away on a business trip to Podshow HQ in San Francisco. (Almost sounds like I should complete that sentence with ‘and all I got was this lousy t-shirt…’ heh heh)

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5 thoughts on “Best Monday Evah”

  1. I did sort of hint that I’d like some underwear in a specific size from a shop that I love, but being a woman, I still have to learn that hinting is interpreted with as much consideration (or even less) as casual discussion on the weather between strangers at a bus stop.

    Next time, he gets a list tattooed on his forearm and is permitted only shirts with short sleeves in his case. 😉

  2. I suggest a post-it note with a skull and crossbones on it attached to every single item in his suitcase and hope you haven’t been too subtle 🙂

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