RT: Saturday 25 August 2007

RT = Random Thoughts

I figured since I’m probably not going to let this formula go, I should streamline the workflow instead of saying, “Random Thoughts”, “More Random Thoughts”, “Still More Random Thoughts”, “Attack of the Random Thoughts”, “Random Thoughts and the Artichokes of Doom”… You get the idea. This rather timeline ambiguous naming convention could go on and on. So, RT it is. You’ll thank me for it.

Why, oh why, did I buff and clear varnish my nails BEFORE cleaning the oven?

Why am I always so shit at drawing ink into a fountain pen? I should really get a handle on this.

Why must the crotch-rocket motorcycle dipshits several houses down test their vehicle alarm systems so regularly? Like several times per evening. And really, where do they keep going that they only stay for a few minutes before revving around the neighbourhood and arriving home again? Are they THAT forgetful or what? (I’m SO looking forward to one day being a very nosy, ‘you-kids-get-off-my-lawn’ shouting old lady.)

It’s been a day of questions. Now, I’m back out to the balcony to write some more. Twelve pages done already this evening – want to see how far I can push my attention span.

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4 thoughts on “RT: Saturday 25 August 2007”

  1. Hah! I’ll call your motorcycle dipshits with the Mexican polka-sounding music from the house behind mine and RAISE you with the unending whine of power tools (remodeling) from the corner house! Call or raise, kiddo.

  2. Are they STILL remodeling? Weren’t they doing that before I moved here? (Might not be the same house, but sounds familiar anyway.)

    Yeah, OK. Drunken pub yobs walking up the road at bartime. Near midnight the acoustics in my neighbourhood are as good as any cinema and for some reason shouting is the popular way to communicate these days.

    Oh, and last night, a neighbour two houses from me decided “Unchained Melody” at maybe 2/3 the stereo’s capable volume was a good idea. At 11PM. In their garden. This was sandwiched by several other oldies for a couple of hours. I like oldies fine; I don’t like people blaring music. Thank goodness the sound stayed isolated to the back of the flats or I would’ve gone ape.

    It was a noisy Saturday evening. 🙂

  3. It is kind of weird isn’t it how civilty is disappearing? It seems as though everywhere we go we are bombarded by other people’s music, phone conversations, outdoor and indoor arguments, etc.

    One of these days, thank you, you’re welcome, and excuse me will be considered quaint phrases that people used to say.

    Oh, and, ” I like Unchained Melody on my stereo or anyone else’s at any time of the day.” she said in a low, embarrassed voice. Don’t tell anybody 🙂

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