Lightning strikes twice: Fuel My Blog Blog of the Day

Oh, rock!


I’m the Fuel My Blog Blog of the Dayagain! I’m feeling pretty awesome now.

Thank you Kevin Dixie and the rest of Fuel My Blog. * mwah mwah *

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9 thoughts on “Lightning strikes twice: Fuel My Blog Blog of the Day”

  1. Yeah, well, Ms. Special, how ’bout Daughter of the Day (and every day) 🙂

    To all non-relatives, my apologies for the above warm and fuzzy statement!

  2. Now I’m not one to moan BUT I notice that Penfold is on your blogroll and I AM NOT!!!!
    I’m beginning to think ageism here.
    You might be blog of the day but I could report you to the authorities [your Mom and the TG] and then we’ll see!!!!!

  3. @Daddy P: get your bifocals on mistah… it was right there all along. Honest. And I’m NOT crossing my fingers because I’ve been busted for forgetfulness… 😉

    Now stop shaking your cane and have some Ovaltine… that’s better. xx

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