Thursday’s Random Thoughts

I should make a daily attempt at posting random thoughts here instead of so many on Twitter.

Is a person technically naked if he/she is wearing shoes? Footwear counts, doesn’t it? This thought was written before lunch with Barry.

I stopped a crime today. Wow – that was amazing. Makes me want a pair of six shooters on a belt and a deputy badge!

I often write out cards and never send them. The letters inside are out of date by the time I think to put stamps on the envelopes. Then I never post them. I really dislike when my brain decides a task is completed before it truly is. How do you say, “I wrote to you several times, but never sent the letters.” Even though it’s true, it sounds like an excuse.

Lots of girls (including several I know) want bigger boobs. I want more hair and am totally happy with my chest size as it is.

I think popcorn is a perfectly acceptable dinner. So are nachos.

I’m thinking about setting up a blog category for these posts.

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5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts”

  1. Have you come off of the Adderall?

    Perhaps the meteor showers have screwed with your psyche like they have mine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am ADD’ing all over the place lately!

  2. @Geneva – I never got seen or medicated. I’ve given up (for the time being) on NHS mental health care. I’m managing to function pretty well by instituting certain scheduled events (like the part-time job in town) and by taking some pressure off by leaving web dev as my primary career choice. I still do the odd job, but I am following my gut and heart a bit more. It’s pointless to follow my brain… it’s all over the place! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    @Jason – Thank you!

  3. LOL thanks jen.

    I have my prescription, but go through hell each time its refilled – concerta is a controlled drug after all!

    I have a client I would be happy to pass your way if you’re interested – I am not cause this guy scares me, he is very obsessive and pushy. I tried to get another mate to do it, but he freaked him out, too. I am kinda worried he would turn up on my doorstep, but you live too far away for him to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

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