More Random Thoughts

I was looking through a box of stuff for an old wireless trackball (current mouse is fooked) and found a pair of fuzzy black earmuffs. I nearly walked away a winner but thankfully snapped out of it and remembered why I was there.

You can stalk me on Twitter, btw.

I’m wearing red lipstick for no real reason. Two days in a row.

I want to cover Prince’s “Darling Nikki” even though I know it’s a hack song to cover. Anyone wanna play kazoo on it? I am two-thirds serious about this…

Is it safe to read Sylvia Plath in the kitchen? Probably…

It is possible to have a social life outside of Skype. I think… I’m trying it out anyway. Will report back on what ‘outdoors’ is like.

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3 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts”

  1. Speaking of covers…My favorite in the past year was Land of Confusion. I liked the original by Genesis, but Disturbed’s cover was better–harder, more energetic.

    Cover Prince? Glad you’re only two-thirds serious. Of course, the kazoo might help 🙂 Possibly a tuba?

  2. @Mom – I believe it was XTC who did the original and Primus the cover… I have not fact-checked this, but I think that’s how it went.

    And the tuba idea is awesome… * makes a note *

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