Random thoughts

So I’m awake, alert, and organising myself and my work areas this morning. This can’t be healthy…

What happened to Marilyn Manson. I can’t seem to get with anything he’s/they’ve done since Anti-Christ Superstar.

How come I lose gigs of primary hard drive space even though my Photoshop scratch disk is set to an external, but when I reboot after some photo post-processing I get that space back. WTF.

I forgot how much I love that stupid Kid Creole and the Coconuts song “Endicott.” I am flawed and my taste questionable, certainly.

Neil asked if there was anything I’d like him to be on the alert for to bring back to me when he returns from San Francisco. The fact that I can’t come up with a single thing is further proof that I’m perfectly settled here.

I need to make mashed potatoes from actual potatoes and not the powdered stuff more often. Some stuff is worth the effort. (I’m having leftovers for lunch. Yummy!)

Am I done getting tattoos?

Is it too early for macaroni and cheese? Is it ever?

Should I contact Alex?

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts”

  1. I’m pretty sure Marilyn Manson waited on me the last time I went to the Red Baron Showlounge! He really bulked up. 😉

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