You may have noticed a little downtime this evening

Thought you might enjoy a photo first. (read more about it on the flickr page)

Anyway, evidently there is a security flaw in the version of WordPress that I was using but that has now been remedied. I hereby thrust my middle finger into the air and make spitty tongue noises at the hacker who tried to bring me down.
Neener neener neener. * thbbbttthttphhht *

Thank you to Jason for letting us know about the downtime. We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog. (Which, incidentally, will be updated with some posty goodness and photos tomorrow or Monday. Right now I have a glass of absinthe and am nearing the end of Tipping the Velvet. Blogging is second priority to my tasty beverage and a historical fiction with lesbians. Can you blame me?)

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