What a week!

I have been playing tourist and hostess all week and now that my guest is 36,000 feet in the air I’m beginning to come down from the buzz of it all.

My camera and I have been to many places. I’ve just woken from a four hour nap (I need a holiday to recover from this holiday!). I shall update flickr and the blog soon.

Need food…

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4 thoughts on “What a week!”

  1. I know how you feel – just done a whirlwind tour of the rest of Portugal and all it’s surf spots. Am bleedin’ knackered….
    (Nice banner btw! ;))

  2. I’m about to dive into some nachos, a movie, and a date with Neil. This weekend is all about recovering from tube trains, tourism, and all the mayhem that goes with it.

    Hope you’ve got photos of your adventures! I’ll check for them when I update my flickr too… 🙂

    (And thank you!)

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