Oddly productive and strangely quiet. But my socks are good.

I haven’t been as ‘regular’ on the ol’ blog for the past week or so. I’ve been pretty productive in other ways though (something that goes totally against my normal behaviour). It’s funny, we’ve got a guest arriving in a couple of days and though I have been making an extra effort to get some household tasks done before his arrival, it’s all stuff I really just needed an excuse to hunker down and do. For example: I cleaned out the car. I haven’t felt the need to do that for the whole two years we’ve owned the thing, yet today, it was a chore worth doing. (I didn’t go nuts though -¬†I did not vacuum it. I have my limit -¬†it’s called a short attention span.) I’ve cleaned, I’ve sorted clothes that haven’t been sorted from the move (months ago), and I’m about to pair a veritable mountain of mismatched socks. I would normally just dive in and curse a bit till a matching pair surfaced, but nope, gonna sort them all proper-like. Spooky. I should have guests more often… Or at least the threat of a guest. That would probably be enough.

I sent off a poem to a competition today. I like it. I laboured over it. I edited the fuck out of it. I even think it’s pretty good, however, I don’t have the confidence to believe it will be a finalist or anything. We’ll see. If it gets shortlisted I’ll be over the moon, but if it doesn’t I’ll just take my lumps. It’s kind of like the lottery: you can’t win if you don’t play.

And now, I’ve got the movie Seven cued up in the dvd player and a big pile of socks on the living room floor. Watch out, I’m on a roll. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Oddly productive and strangely quiet. But my socks are good.”

  1. Topologically, socks are identical forms. They always match.

    With Love,

    Nuclar “Einstein” boy

    p.s. That’s Mr. Boy to you.

  2. I had a freakish level of ‘singles’ after sorting the socks… so I went and bought more pairs today. I have so many socks… and I can’t bear to throw any of the loners out for what if I find the match? Oh! my life is so complicated! lol

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