The catch up

Things have been fine since I last blogged-¬†just busy. I worked at the part-time job, have been editing a poetry competition piece, and have been preparing for a guest from the US. It’s a family member I haven’t seen in over a year (has it been two?) and he’ll be in my part of England in just a few days. House cleaning, laundry, and clearing out the spare room enough to comfortably accommodate an air mattress will be my focus for the next 48 hours. I’ve stocked up on food and have plenty of wine.

Although he’ll be over this way for nearly a fortnight, he’s splitting his time between England and Scotland, and so I’ve got a lot to cram into our handful of days together. We will, of course, do London as well as my immediate area, but beyond that is a bit undecided. Bath? Brighton? Portsmouth? I have no idea yet. Wherever we go will be by train, so options are limited to wherever the tracks stop. Any suggestions?

I can’t wait to have a guest in the house. I absolutely adore this person and cannot wait to play hostess. I love this stuff…

Expect pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

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4 thoughts on “The catch up”

  1. Yeah – I’m having to magically make some space in the ‘spare room/second office’ but it’s coming together.

    A good time will be had soon…

    And next: getting you over here! 😀

  2. @Jodi – wish you were here too! It would be wonderful to have us all hang out together! (and to go to Stonehenge in warm weather instead of arctic wind!)

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